Tommy Hilfiger’s Loud

I bet you are all on the edge of your seats to find out the next giveaway I won! Or not…

Let me just say this though: I NEVER WIN ANYTHING.  Of the 25 years I have lived, I may have actually won only5 things, including these two giveaways.  So lets just say I was beyond pumped to win anything at all. Ever.

About month or so ago Laura ( aka Lollipop26 on Youtube) blogged about her trip to Berlin to cover the launch of Tommy Hilfiger’s new scents.  If you couldn’t tell by the blog post, the new scent is called Loud.  On her return she had a giveaway for a set of of the scents.  5 people were to be picked to get the mens AND womens fragrances.  Much to my surprise I was one of the 5 to win.

I just received my package straight from Estée Lauder.  Why Estée Lauder you may ask?  Because it is the company that is actually packaging and marketing the product.

Tommy Hilfiger's Loud

Tommy Hilfiger's Loud courtesy of

It is marketed as a Gen Y scent.  There is a men’s version and a women’s version that play off each other by emphasizing or deemphasizing certain notes.  The men’s version has a top note of patchouli and a bottom note of rose. The womens version has a top note of rose and a bottom note of patchouli.

To keep with the Gen Y theme, Tommy Hilfiger has had the Ting Tings create a signature theme song for the fragrances.  You can listen to a clip of their song here.

I gave my boyfriend the mens version to see what he thought.  After two spritz I thought I was about to pass out.  It is incredibly strong.  The scent itself is not offensive though.  In fact it smells pretty much like a generic  “cologne”.  The patchouli didn’t set it apart from any other that I have smelled.  I think my boyfriend will just stick to his Starwalker by Mont Blanc (bergamot, sandalwood, musk, heaven).

The womens on the other hand is something unique. I love the smell of roses, but often times rose-scented items can smell a little “grammy” or “meme” as my brother would say. But with the small amount of punchy patchouli, the rose is very youthful.  I would consider it a darker smell; great for fall, winter, and early spring.  It is not as heavy or dark as Black Orchid by Tom Ford or, my go-to winter scent, Notorious by Ralph Lauren.

The packaging is OK.  It does seem a little “tween-y” but nothing like the oh-so-classy (*eye roll*) Mariah Carey or Paris Hilton scents.

Overall, I am impressed with Tommy!  I really like the women’s version and would even consider repurchasing it with my own money.  The mens I think I would pass on.

For those pumped to try these fragrances, sorry buckaroos, you will have to wait till spring of 2011 (for US sales).  If you live in the UK, the fragrances are already available.


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Coastal Scents Passion Berry Lip Quad

I have a long list of beauty gurus that I watch and a long list of beauty blogs I read.  At one point or another each one has had a “giveaway”.  I find this admirable, although slightly bribe-ish.  But who am I to complain because I have actually one two of the many giveaways I have tried for.

Passion Berry Lip Quad

Passion Berry Lip Quad courtesy of

The first was from Jennifer (Makeup and Beauty Diary) aka MACface2adore on Youtube.  She was giving away the Coastal Scents Passion Berry lip quad.  I was the 20th commenter and thus I won.

The colors in this quad are VERY vivid.  The purple (far right) is absolutely magenta.  I love bold lip colors, but this is a bit far out for me.  And as you can tell from the swatches below, it has the least amount of color payout. The raisin colored one is very beautiful and perfect for the fall.  The baby pink  is geared for cooler skin tones (which I have).  There is nothing wrong with this color, but there is also nothing too unique about it either.  And lastly,  the bright pink is closer to a pink/coral.  It is very stunning but not that unique either.

Jennifer told me that the consistency of the quad is much like NARS.  Unfortunately I have not experienced NARS lip glosses so I can’t make that comparison.   But I will say the consistency has something to be desired.  I found it a little drying.  I must be “old school” but I much prefer my lipsticks in a tube form.

I find myself mixing these colors. The raisin color mixed with pink/coral color seems to be the best combination for me.  Overall I like the quad, but there is nothing that overly impresses me.

Top to Bottom: purple, raisin, light pink, bright pink/coral.

Coastal Scents Passion Berry Lip Quad

Passion Berry swatches


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What the heck is this…?

Welcome to Everyday Glossip! I’m Lisa and I have a passion for all things beauty related.  But I gotta say this passion is newly formed.  Over a year ago I was working in Vietnam.  I had a lot of time on my hands and stumbled upon some “beauty gurus” on YouTube.  Since then, I have become very interesting in the beauty community.  And it has taken me this long to venture out of my comfort zone and become PART of this beauty community.

I have watched a ton of beauty gurus on YouTube and read a ton of beauty blogs.  And I almost think this market has been cornered.  But I can safely say it’s  not.  And I know this because even I keep learning new things, finding new people to watch, or more blogs to read.

So here is what you can expect from this blog: reviews, favorites, questions, polls, possible giveaways, rants, raves, and everything in between.  From hair to nails to makeup to skincare.

Sit back, relax, and read.



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