Black Shatter by OPI

I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!!

My love affair started after reading Scrangie’s blog post about OPI’s Black Shatter nail polish.  I have never seen anything quite like it and I was in awe!

OPI Black ShatterLike the story of my life, I searched high and low for Katy Perry collection and I was completely unsuccessful.  I was even told by a store owner that the Katy Perry OPI collection didn’t come out until February.  That was just a plan lie to cover that the store didn’t have it.

The following week I continued my search and HAZZAH! I found it.  Where did I find it?  In the store that told me it wasn’t coming out until Feb. *eye roll*

I went to CVS to grab a lighter color bottom coat in order to show the shatter best.  I picked up “I’m Online” by Milani and it is one of my new favorite colors.   It’s a nude/sand metallic color.  “I’m Online” is part of the Spring 2010 Milani Liquid Metal Collection.

I applied two coats of “I’m Online”, I let it dry fully and then added the “Black Shatter” on top. I found that the thinner the coat of Shatter, the more shatter you see on your nails.  If you apply a thick coat you will get less shatter and larger black pieces.

I think it looks AWESOME! I am throughly impressed with it!  What do you think?


Black Shatter with Milani's I'm Online

Black Shatter with Milani's I'm Online

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