It was a Christmas Miracle…

Sorry for the delay on my posts!  I have been taking the time to regroup after the holidays!

Well I seemed to have witnessed a Christmas miracle this holiday season!

Exaggeration? HELLS NO!I actually got the Naked Palette!  Santa read my list!

I am thoroughly in love with this palette, as it has every color I could possibly need for a neutral/everyday look.

If you haven’t read my post outlining the colors and the finishes, check it out here.

There really isn’t a color I dont like.  However, I do not often use the two grey-ish colors (Creep and Gunmetal) as they seem harder to blend. As I knew I would, I am in love with Toasted and Hustle.  Most shades have a creamy texture, and are easily blendable.

But of all the shadows, the one that blew me away is Sidecar. It is very glittery! But the base color is the same color as my eyelids so what you see isnt a color with glitter rather you see the glitter.  I simply do one sweep of Sidecar on each eyelid and it gives me enough “POW” for the workday.

Overall I my expectations are met. I feel there are endless possibilities for looks, from day to night, smokey to neutral, from soft to edgy.

I recently heard that the reason the Urban Decay is having a hard time keeping up with the demand is because of the 24/7 eyeliner.  Their answer was to stop including it and adding an eye brush instead.I bet the eye brush is great but I already have about 20 different eye brushes!  I don’t have enough eyeliners though.  So I am glad that I was able to pick up the “older version”.

Naked Palette with new brush

Naked Palette with new brush

xoxo, Lisa


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