Coastal Scents Passion Berry Lip Quad

I have a long list of beauty gurus that I watch and a long list of beauty blogs I read.  At one point or another each one has had a “giveaway”.  I find this admirable, although slightly bribe-ish.  But who am I to complain because I have actually one two of the many giveaways I have tried for.

Passion Berry Lip Quad

Passion Berry Lip Quad courtesy of

The first was from Jennifer (Makeup and Beauty Diary) aka MACface2adore on Youtube.  She was giving away the Coastal Scents Passion Berry lip quad.  I was the 20th commenter and thus I won.

The colors in this quad are VERY vivid.  The purple (far right) is absolutely magenta.  I love bold lip colors, but this is a bit far out for me.  And as you can tell from the swatches below, it has the least amount of color payout. The raisin colored one is very beautiful and perfect for the fall.  The baby pink  is geared for cooler skin tones (which I have).  There is nothing wrong with this color, but there is also nothing too unique about it either.  And lastly,  the bright pink is closer to a pink/coral.  It is very stunning but not that unique either.

Jennifer told me that the consistency of the quad is much like NARS.  Unfortunately I have not experienced NARS lip glosses so I can’t make that comparison.   But I will say the consistency has something to be desired.  I found it a little drying.  I must be “old school” but I much prefer my lipsticks in a tube form.

I find myself mixing these colors. The raisin color mixed with pink/coral color seems to be the best combination for me.  Overall I like the quad, but there is nothing that overly impresses me.

Top to Bottom: purple, raisin, light pink, bright pink/coral.

Coastal Scents Passion Berry Lip Quad

Passion Berry swatches


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